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EcoRefinishers’ proud history began in 2006 when Phil Hounsome founded his family company with the vision of providing homeowners with a cost-effective alternative for transforming their kitchen space. As one of the best kitchen cabinet refacing and refinishing companies, we strive to be the top cabinet refacing company in the industry. Initially, EcoRefinishers used products and processes that had been established in the refinishing industry but soon realized they were fundamentally flawed from a durability and an environmentally-friendly standpoint. It seemed that for a product to be durable, it was harmful to those exposed to it, but when trying to use a truly ‘green’ product, the durability was lost. Believing these didn’t have to be mutually exclusive, EcoRefinishers committed significant resources to research the products and develop the processes they now proudly advocate. As one of the leading kitchen cabinet refacing and refinishing companies, we prioritize both quality and eco-friendliness. Today, EcoRefinishers is led by Phil’s son, Zack and his wife, Rachel. Zack and Rachel have surrounded themselves with a talented team who shares the company’s vision of being innovators and the best at what they do. We treat your kitchen like it is our own and expect nothing but the best quality. We are professional kitchen cabinet refinishers at heart with years in the industry and an absolute mission to give you the best service and finished product for your budget.

Eco-friendly, safe, durable lacquer

Not all paints are created equal

By diverting materials from landfill, using no VOC or low-VOC products, water-based lacquers and employing methods that do not pollute indoor air quality or the water stream, we breathe easy knowing that you and your loved ones will too.

Most companies that redo cabinetry will either veneer over your existing cabinets, coat them with regular wall paint, use solvent-based lacquers and melamine, or finish your doors with a brush. With veneer, we have noticed that it will peel over time, especially with heat (say, from a toaster or stove). Regular paints are softer, don’t wear or cure well, or gum up. With solvent-based lacquers, though durable, they allow harmful chemicals into your home.

With EcoRefinishers, we erase all that. Our lacquers are water-based, and we have developed, through research and experience, the right level of hardeners to create lasting durability for our product using eco-friendly lacquer. We have meticulously worked to provide you with the perfect balance of quality and beauty, bringing to your home what we believe is the best answer to all your cabinet needs.

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