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Our Goal

Our goal is to make you completely satisfied with our service and the finished product while saving you the headaches and costs of a full kitchen teardown. We listen to your needs and work with you, every step of the way, to ensure the end result is everything you desire.

Our Products

We research current and emerging technologies and meticulously select refinishing products that will provide the durable beauty our clients deserve while meeting or exceeding our company standards for ecology. We can provide a limitless choice of colours, new hardware of any design and industry insight to help solve challenges you may be experiencing in other areas of your renovation. Perhaps the most critical component of providing a great finished product is the skill and craftsmanship of our refinishing experts. Without their applied product knowledge and practical experience gained from having refinishing thousands of cabinet boxes and doors, the products we use are little more than coloured liquid in a can.

Our History

EcoRefinishers’ proud history began in 2006 when Phil Hounsome founded his family company with the vision of providing homeowners with a cost effective alternative for transforming their kitchen space. Initially, EcoRefinishers used products and processes that had been established in the refinishing industry but soon realized they were fundamentally flawed from a durability and environmentally friendly standpoint. It seemed that for a product to be durable, it was harmful for those exposed to it, but when trying to use a truly ‘green’ product, the durability was lost. Believing these didn’t have to be mutually exclusive, EcoRefinishers committed significant resources to researching the products and developing the processes they now proudly advocate.

Today, Ecorefinishers is led by Phil’s son Zack and his wife Rachel. Zack and Rachel have surrounded themselves with a talented team who share the company’s vision of being innovators and the best at what they do.

Our Process/Why This Is Better…

We strive to ensure skilled quality finishing, standing behind our convictions of fairness, stewardship and professionalism.  We will transform your kitchen while salvaging the existing units and doors.  Our EcoRefinishers team can save you up to 80% by renewing — and just think of the waste you’re preventing from being dumped into the landfill! Everything is thoroughly cleaned and we use only high quality, water-borne lacquers with low or no VOC’s. If you need assistance with your full kitchen renovation, then you have came to the right place. We can point you in the right direction of where to find counters and backsplashes and even assist in colour decisions.

As we know over time, quality isn’t what it used to be, so it makes more sense to reclaim the old and make it new again (OLD ISN’T ALWAYS BAD!). Who wants a new kitchen made from glue and sawdust? Most customers are already happy with their current layout; others will need some modifications prior to the spraying and a few will even add a few more cabinets. We can help!  Start today so that you can “Love your kitchen again!”