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The process will depend on how large your kitchen is and how many doors you have refinished. Generally, we work on-site for one day, remove your doors, and have them returned to you and installed within 7-10 business days.

We are only in your home for two days - one day to remove cabinets and spray boxes, and then after 7-10 days, we return for just one day to reinstall cabinets.

Yes! We offer a manufacturer warranty of three years on normal wear and tear.

Your options are limitless! We find for cabinet paint Benjamin Moore colours are our choice, but just let us know, and we can match anything you have in mind.

Yes! We accept *Visa, MasterCard, Debit, e-Transfers, cheques, and cash.
*Please note we do have a 3% additional fee on credit cards.

Much less than ripping your cabinets out completely. Compared to that, you’ll be saving yourself 60% or more of the expense of installing new cabinets.

It is true that the option of painting kitchen cabinets costs much less than installing a new kitchen. But doing this yourself could result in a much longer timeline plus a less-than-perfect finish based on your experience. We offer a cheaper alternative with eco-friendly lacquer, all done by professionals who have been in the business for years.
Definitely worth the cost.

While we are spraying on-site, there is some airborne smell from the wet paint; but once the cabinet boxes are dry, the smell quickly dissipates - we also put up plastic walls, so the smell is minimal.

If you need assistance with your full kitchen renovation, we can point you in the right direction of recommended contractors, where to find countertops and backsplashes and even assist in your colour and style decisions.

We can supply and change the hardware on your cabinets, using high-quality hardware, state of the art hinges, and even rebuild your drawers into soft-close drawers.

Re-facing is sometimes done when a cabinet is falling apart. We can replace the cabinet front or rebuild the drawer, but ordering parts may take longer, and the 7-10 days turnaround can’t be guaranteed.

We use low-VOC paint and a water-borne lacquer. Our lead technician and co-owner, Zack Hounsome, has asthma and has never had a problem with the products that we use.

Some people are really sensitive to the toxic smells and odours that come from breathing in fresh paint fumes. We use water-based lacquer with low-VOC paint compounds (VOC - volatile organic compounds). This means no residual toxic vapours in your home and a healthy finish on your kitchen cabinets.

We service anywhere within Simcoe County along Hwy 400 and Hwy 11 and up as far as Huntsville or south to Orangeville. If you’re outside of this area, contact us.

The order of the job process should be as follows: - Floors - Countertops - Backsplash - KITCHEN CABINETS (ECOREFINISHERS) - wall painting.

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