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5 Mistakes to Avoid During DIY Cabinet Refinishing Vaughan

Do you want to run a DIY cabinet refinishing Vaughan project for your home kitchen cabinets? If so, you must be aware of the mistakes you should avoid before starting this DIY project. 

Cabinet Refinishing Vaughan
Cabinet Refinishing Vaughan

Our experts at EcoRefinishers understand and know the process of cabinet refinishing and so we know the pitfalls of the process too. Cabinet refinishing is not as straightforward as it seems. You need to be aware of the mistakes that can happen and the precision you will need to get the right results. While you can always call us to get cabinet refinishing services, make sure you avoid these mistakes when running a DIY cabinet refinishing project at your home. 

Mistake#1: Skipping the process of sanding the doors for Cabinet Refinishing Vaughan

You might think that your cabinet doors already look smooth and ready to paint. However, you might be mistaken! If you want the cabinet paint to stick to your cabinet doors, you need to sand the surface. You can’t skip this step.

Mistake#2: Avoiding removing a speck of dust

You might have used the best vacuum cleaner to remove the dust particles. Before you start applying the paint, you see a speck of dust but decide not to remove it and start painting. Remember, a speck of dust will magnify when you start painting and will make your cabinet doors look shabby in the end. So, make sure to remove any dust particles, no matter how tiny it seems. 

Mistake#3: Skipping the primer

You might think there is no need to use the primer during the cabinet refinishing Vaughan process as the cabinets were previously painted. However, you might be making a mistake. No matter what, you need to use the primer before you start painting. Primer ensures the paint sticks longer on the cabinets. 

Mistake#4: Using the wrong colour for Cabinet Refinishing Vaughan

You can’t start the whole kitchen cabinet refinishing process again. So, you have to choose the right cabinet paint colour that matches the aesthetics of your kitchen backdrop and kitchen counter tops. The best way to choose the right colour for your kitchen cabinet doors is to search online, buy a single paint pot, and paint on a small wooden piece to see if it matches the kitchen’s aesthetics. 

Mistake#5: Using the wrong type of paint

You can’t use any paint for cabinet refinishing. Instead, you have to use the right paint, especially made for cabinet doors and drawers. Choose a paint that can be used on melamine, laminate, and wooden doors. 

Cabinet Refinishing Vaughan
Cabinet Refinishing Vaughan

If you feel the whole cabinet refinishing Vaughan process is too overwhelming, you can call us at EcoRefinishers. We will take care of it all while making sure we avoid any mistakes. 

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