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Getting Kitchen Renovation in Newmarket? Consider Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Do you want to give your house interior a new look? Maybe it’s time to start a kitchen renovation Newmarket project in your house. At EcoRefinishers, we have worked with several homeowners in the region and transformed their kitchens into modern and sustainable spaces in the house. One of the major parts of kitchen renovations is to refinish the cabinet and drawer doors to give the space a transformative look. 

Kitchen Renovation Newmarket

Here’s why our experts suggest cabinet and drawer door refinishing as part of the kitchen renovation. 

  • Budget-friendly Kitchen Renovation Newmarket

Kitchen renovations can be expensive. However, you can find different aspects of your kitchen renovation Newmarket that can help you save money and make the whole process a little more budget friendly. One of those things is getting cabinet and drawer door refinishing services. Instead of replacing the complete kitchen cabinet or drawer, you can only replace/refinish the visible parts such as the doors. This will help you save money in the overall process. 

  • Little to no disruption

When you are getting kitchen cabinet refinishing, there will be little to no disruption. You can keep using your kitchen like normal. This is because the cabinet box will still be in your kitchen. The only thing that will be renovated is the doors. 

  • Timesaving

When you are short of time but still want to make your kitchen look like new, you can choose kitchen cabinet refinishing services. In this process, the kitchen cabinet doors can be refinished in a few days. The kitchen renovation experts will remove only the doors and refinish them in a few days as compared to complete replacement which takes a few weeks to complete. 

  • Environmentally friendly Kitchen Renovation Newmarket

Replacing the kitchen cabinets fully can create a lot of waste that goes to landfills causing pollution and harming the environment. However, kitchen cabinet refinishing uses the existing cabinet doors to make them look new. This creates less waste and thus is more environmentally friendly. 

Kitchen Renovation Newmarket
  • Complete new look

Kitchen cabinet refinishing gives you a completely new look without putting too much effort and money. In fact, several homeowners go for only kitchen cabinet refinishing to make their kitchen look different than others. 

So, if you are interested in getting kitchen renovation Newmarket, you can choose kitchen cabinet refinishing services from us at EcoRefinishers. We are a family-owned business providing kitchen cabinet refinishing and refacing services in the region. Call us now to find out more.