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Get Kitchen Renovation on Budget with These Tips

If you are like any other homeowner in town, you might have a kitchen renovation plan. However, we know that the plan will go out of the window, once you start spending money on kitchen renovation and start getting new shiny things. We understand the temptation! 

Cabinet Refacing Barrie

If you have the luxury to overlook your kitchen renovation budget, great for you! However, most homeowners are tight on budget, and they can’t afford to overlook their plans that might include minimal changes. Minimal changes don’t mean you have to compromise on the finished look of your kitchen. You can get budget-friendly changes such as cabinet refacing Barrie to transform your kitchen. 

Here are a few other ways to improve your kitchen aesthetics on a tight budget.

Cabinet Painting

The easiest and budget-friendly to change the look of your kitchen is to get cabinet painting Midland services. You can experiment and go creative with cabinet paint colours. One of the best to make your kitchen stand out is to use a two-tone approach. For example, you can paint your top cabinets white and bottom cabinets bright colours such as blue, deep red, orange, and more. 

Buy Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island with lots of space to sit along with double sinks is a dream come true. But it can be expensive! However, if you still want to have a kitchen island but are on a budget, you can buy a free-standing kitchen island. This type of kitchen island has storage space along with sitting space without costing you more than $500. 

Choose Laminate Counters

Yes, we know the appeal of having granite, marble, or stone counters. But they are an expensive choice! One of the budget-friendly choices is to get laminate counters. You can also find laminate counters with the pattern and look of granite, marble, or stone. Nobody would know! 

Don’t Go Overboard with Brand New

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If you want to stay on budget, don’t go overboard with brand-new things. Instead, you can invest in some hand-me-down items for your kitchen. This not only saves you money but is also an eco-friendly option. This includes tables, chairs, kitchen cabinets, and more. 

If you want to get budget-friendly and eco-conscious kitchen renovation services, make sure to get in touch with us at EcoRefinishers. Our team is highly professional and certified to help renovate your kitchen with methods like kitchen cabinet refinishing Newmarket, cabinet refacing, and more.

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