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6 Tips to Renovate Your Kitchen to Make it Look Expensive

When was the last time you renovated your kitchen? If you are still thinking of the answer, we guess it has been a long time since you paid attention to your kitchen and its critical elements. In that case, you must invest in timely kitchen renovations Newmarket to ensure your kitchen looks attractive and comfortable to work in. 

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If you want to make your kitchen look expensive without spending too much money and time, here are a few design tips. 

Get Window Treatments

If you think getting window treatments isn’t going to do anything for your kitchen, think again! Window treatments such as window drapery will not only filter sunlight but also make your kitchen look expensive and upscale. 

Use Classic Colours

To make your kitchen look expensive and upscale while staying on budget, use classic colours. This includes neutral and deep hue colour palettes such as white, beige, black and gray, and warm colours. 

Get Cabinet Refinishing 

Replacing your cabinets can be expensive. And it doesn’t make sense to replace them if your cabinet box is in great condition. Instead, you can invest in cabinet refinishing Vaughan. This is a relatively cheaper process to renew your kitchen cabinets without spending too much. Refinished cabinets can make all the difference for your kitchen aesthetics. 

Replace Cabinet Hardware

One of the easiest ways to make your kitchen look expensive and renovated is to replace the cabinet hardware. Gold and black cabinet hardware can provide a luxurious and renewed feel to your kitchen. Cabinet hardware isn’t only limited to drawer pulls but also hinges. If your cabinet hinges are visible, make sure to replace them too. 

Extend Cabinet Height

You can instantly make your kitchen look larger and more expensive by extending the cabinet height. You can add a second row of cabinets that touch the ceiling or get crowd moulding to increase the height. This will make your kitchen look taller and grander. 

Avoid Generic Lighting

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Most people forget about lighting when renovating their kitchen. If you want to upscale your kitchen, make sure to avoid generic lighting. You can add pendant lighting and low or hidden lighting to give your kitchen warmth and grandeur. 

These 6 tips can help you transform your kitchen from old to expensive-looking without spending too much. We at EcoRefinishers can provide high-quality yet budget-friendly kitchen renovation Barrie services. Our team is professional and certified to use sustainable processes to refinish and renew your kitchen within budget. 

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